Our Trip to New York City!

Day 1: Wandering around Manhattan in the rain.

Rockefeller Center, and The New York Public Library

Day 2: Our anniversary day! 

Ferry Ride to Liberty Island, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and the Blue Note jazz club seeing Chick Corea!

Day 3: Museum and Jazz Clubs!

The Metropolitan Museum of Art: Egyptian Exhibit, Medieval Weaponry and Armor, Instruments. Then, Small's Jazz Club in Greenwich Village!

Day 4: Manhattan Adventure!

Times Square, Flatiron District lunch, Broadway, Late Night Shake Shack dinner in Madison Square Park!

Day 5: The Tourism Continues

Jaunt Through Central Park, Ground Zero, Tour of Empire State Building up to the 102nd floor in the tower!

Day 6:  Art and Jazz!

The Museum of Modern Art, Cavorting 5th Avenue, final visit to Greenwich Village Jazz Clubs where we saw Ron Carter and Ethan Iverson at Mezzrow