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Hello there faithful internet traveler. You have stumbled upon my about page.

 This is where I tell you the usual about my decade of experience working with technology, my hometown, my qualifications, and other pertinent information to give you the impression that I am a super-elite good guy hacker whom you want - Whom you MUST HAVE working side-by-side with you planning your world-dominating technology network.

 Growing up in the small town of Healdsburg, California has allowed me ample time to stew in my own nerdiness and lust for technology. For those unfamiliar with Healdsburg, there are essentially no "kid-approved" establishments to populate after school, and on weekends. 


Why do I tell you this? Simple. I have used a good majority of my upbringing to experiment with technology. I have built, broken, and rebuilt countless computer systems and networks for the sheer enjoyment that I gain from solving problems.



 I am a self-proclaimed techno addict, though my fiancee Aleena would firmly attest that this is indeed fact. I believe the way to be an efficient and knowledgeable technician is to stay up to date with the latest and greatest available technologies. This means training, reading, web conferences, hands-on, and experimentation. This way, I can offer the most up-to-date tech gadgets and solutions to you, my potential customer. 


Creative Interests are also of high importance to me. I am a formally trained musician. I received my B.A. in music from Sonoma State University. Guitar is my primary instrument that I have been playing for nearly two decades.

I actively play around Sonoma County in various jazz and rock projects, and I love to talk about all aspects of music. Perhaps your business could make use of my musical services for your next event or party?